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Panachaiki G.E.
Full name Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi (Pan-Achaean Gymnastic Union)
Nicknames Megali Kyria tis Peloponnisou (Great Lady of the Peloponnese)
Founded 14 June 1891 as Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos
Anthem Panachaiki (Kostas Albanis)
President Nikos Raptis
Titles 9
Website Panachaiki G.E.

Panachaiki G.E. (Greek: Παναχαϊκή Γυμναστική Ένωση, Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi, "Pan-Achaean Gymnastic Union") is a Greek multi-sport club based in the city of Patras, Greece.

The history of Panachaiki began in 1891, when Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos (Pan-Achaean Gymnastic Club) was founded. In 1894, a rival sports club, Gymnastiki Eteria Patron (Gymnastic Company of Patras), was founded in Patras by former Panachaikos' members.[1] It was only in 1923 that the two clubs agreed to merge, forming Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi.

Throughout a history of over 120 years, Panachaiki's athletes have won several Olympic medals. Emblematic figures in Panachaiki's history are weightlifter Dimitrios Tofalos and Kostas Davourlis, leader of the great football team that impressed Greece in the 1970s and took part in the 1974 UEFA Cup,[2] being the first Greek countryside football club (outside Athens and Thessaloniki) to achieve that distinction.

Basketball team, 2011



Panachaiki athletics[edit]

(Honours: 3 titles)

  • Greek Cross Country Championship, Men: (2): 1981, 1982
  • Greek Cross Country Championship, Women: (1): 1959

Panachaiki boxing[edit]

(Honours: 4 titles)

  • Greek Championship, Men: (4): 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013

Panachaiki beach volley[edit]

(Honours: 2 titles)

  • Greek Championship, Men: (2) : 2010, 2011

Panachaiki G.E. Olympic medalists[edit]


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