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Panachaiki F.C.
Emvlima Panaxaikis.png
Full name ΠΑΕ Παναχαϊκή Γυμναστική Ένωση
(Panachaean Gymnastic Union)
Nickname(s) Μεγάλη Κυρία της Πελοποννήσου (Old Lady of the Peloponnese)
Founded 14 June 1891 (122 years ago) as Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos
Ground Kostas Davourlis Stadium
Patras, Greece
Ground Capacity 11,321
Owner Panachaiki Alliance
Technical Director Kostas Katsouranis
Head coach Sokratis Ofrydopoulos
League Gamma Ethniki
2015–16 Football League, 16th (Relegated)
Website Club home page

Panachaiki F.C. (Greek: ΠΑΕ Παναχαϊκή) is a football club based in Patras, Greece. Founded in 1891, they play the 2015–16 season in the Greek second division. They have reached the Greek Cup semi-finals twice (1979, 1997) as well as the quarter-finals on ten occasions. Moreover, they were the first Greek club outside Athens (including Piraeus) and Thessaloniki) to represent Greece in a European competition, the 1973–74 UEFA Cup.

Panachaiki F.C. is the football department of Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi (P.G.E.), a multi-sport club. In 1979, the department became professional and independent. They have played their home games in various grounds since their first official game in 1899, mainly the Kostas Davourlis Stadium, their traditional home ground, and the Pampeloponnisiako Stadium.


The history of Panachaiki began in 1891, when Panachaikos Gymnastikos Syllogos (Pan-Achaean Gymnastic Club) was founded. In 1894, a rival sports club, Gymnastiki Eteria Patron (Gymnastic Company of Patras), was founded in Patras by former Panachaikos' members.[1] It was only in 1923 that both clubs came to an agreement and decided to merge, forming Panachaiki Gymnastiki Enosi.

The football department was founded in 1899 by the Brit Arthur Morphy and the same year the football team of Panachaiki played its first friendly game against a team of British sailors, winning 4–2. During the next years, the first players of the football team were athletes from the Club's other departments, members of the British community of Patras and Italian emigrates.

Panachaiki lived its greatest football glory in the early and mid 1970s, when a team led by Kostas Davourlis impressed Greece and took part in the 1973–74 UEFA Cup, eliminating Austrians Grazer AK before losing to Dutch team Twente.[2] Former Manchester United manager Wilf McGuinness took over as head coach for the 1974–75 season before he returned to England 18 months later.


The team's privately owned arena is the Kostas Davourlis Stadium, holding a capacity of 11,321 speactators.[3] Panachaiki has also been using the municipality-operated Pampeloponnisiako Stadium, which has a capacity of 23,588.[4]

Panachaiki used stadiums
Pampeloponisiako Stadium
Pampeloponisiako Stadium is also used for track and field events. 
Kostas Davourlis Stadium
Kostas Davourlis Stadium in a sold-out match; Panachaiki vs Rodos for the 2008–09 Gamma Ethniki season


Shirt of the team

National competitions[edit]

European competitions[edit]

European matches[edit]

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
1973–74 UEFA Cup First round Austria Grazer AK 2–1 1-0 3–1 Symbol keep vote.svg
Second round Netherlands Twente 1–1 0–7 1–8 Symbol delete vote.svg
1997–98 UEFA Intertoto Cup Group 5 Norway Stabæk 1–1 4th Symbol delete vote.svg
Russia Dynamo Moscow 1–2
Faroe Islands B36 Tórshavn 4–2
Belgium Racing Genk 2–4

Season to season[edit]

Season Division Pos. Season Division Pos. Season Division Pos. Season Division Pos. Season Division Pos. Season Division Pos.
1960–61 Div 2 2nd 1970–71 Div 2 1st 1980–81 Alpha Ethniki 17th 1990–91 Alpha Ethniki 13th 2000-01 Alpha Ethniki 11th 2010–11 Div 3 1st
1961–62 Div 2 4th 1971–72 Alpha Ethniki 6th 1981–82 Div 2 1st 1991–92 Alpha Ethniki 15th 2001–02 Alpha Ethniki 13th 2011–12 Div 2 4th
1962–63 Div 2 5th 1972–73 Alpha Ethniki 4th 1982–83 Alpha Ethniki 16th 1992–93 Alpha Ethniki 11th 2002–03 Alpha Ethniki 15th 2012–13 Div 2 15th
1963–64 Div 2 1st 1973–74 Alpha Ethniki 6th 1983–84 Div 2 1st 1993–94 Alpha Ethniki 16th 2003–04 Div 2 16th 2013–14 Div 2 6th
1964–65 Div 2 4th 1974–75 Alpha Ethniki 7th 1984–85 Alpha Ethniki 14th 1994–95 Div 2 2nd 2004–05 Div 2 12th
1965–66 Div 2 8th 1975–76 Alpha Ethniki 10th 1985–86 Alpha Ethniki 16th 1995–96 Alpha Ethniki 15th 2005–06 Div 2 15th
1966–67 Div 2 2nd 1976–77 Alpha Ethniki 15th 1986–87 Div 2 1st 1996–97 Alpha Ethniki 15th 2006–07 Div 3 10th
1967–68 Div 2 6th 1977–78 Alpha Ethniki 10th 1987–88 Alpha Ethniki 16th 1997–98 Alpha Ethniki 16th 2007–08 Div 3 5th
1968–69 Div 2 1st 1978–79 Alpha Ethniki 15th 1988–89 Div 2 16th 1998–99 Div 2 2nd 2008–09 Div 3 3rd
1969–70 Alpha Ethniki 18th 1979–80 Alpha Ethniki 13th 1989–90 Div 2 2nd 1999–00 Alpha Ethniki 14th 2009–10 Div 3 3rd

Current squad[edit]

As of 21 August 2016

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Greece GK Kostas Chalkias
Greece GK Spyros Vrontaras
Greece DF Aggelos Dimitriou
Greece DF Dionysios Makrydimitris
Greece DF Iosif Labropoulos
Albania MF Andrea Hysa
Cyprus MF Antonis Vasiliou
Greece MF Antonios Pittaras
No. Position Player
Greece MF Nikolaos Loumpardeas
Greece MF Georgios Fotakis
Greece MF Pavlos Katharios
Greece MF Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Greece FW Vasileios Athanasopoulos
Greece FW Panagiotis Moraitis
Greece FW Dimitris Sialmas

Notable players[edit]


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