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Panaga is a town in Mukim Seria in the Belait District of Brunei Darussalam. Its full name is Kampung Panaga ('Kampung' is Malay for village). Residents of Panaga are mostly expatriates working for Brunei Shell Petroleum.


Seria is located in Mukim Seria in the Belait District of Brunei Darussalam. It is east of the administrative capital of the Belait District, Kuala Belait and west of Seria. It is approximately 110 kilometres south-west of the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.


Kampung Panaga can be subdivided into:

  • Jalan Utara. This is home to a large number of expatriates due to a large concentration of Brunei Shell housing and facilities located in the area. The head offices of Brunei Shell Petroleum is found in this area as well as the well-known clubs Panaga Club and BSRC.
  • The Canadian Houses area along Jalan Tengah. This area consists mainly of Shell housing facilities built in the style of Canadian log houses. The timber used to construct these houses were imported from Canada.
  • The area around the Panaga Police Station and Sekolah Rendah Panaga (Panaga Primary School). This area is predominately Malay and more commonly associated with the term "Kampung Panaga".
  • The military area immediately to the west of the town area.
  • North and West of Seria. These are the areas between Panaga proper and the municipality of Seria. It contains a number of British Army and Brunei Shell facilities and housing for both the British Army and Brunei Shell employees.[1]

Kampung Panaga is currently only one 'Kampung', however current plans are to divide Panaga into two parts, namely Kampung Panaga 'A' and Kampung Panaga 'B'.

Recreational Clubs[edit]

There are two recreational clubs in Panaga, the Panaga Club and the Brunei Shell Recreational Club (BSRC). They are used primarily by Brunei Shell Petroleum employees and expatriates.

The British Army maintains its own recreational activities within the British Garrison. This area is not open to the public.


Schools in Panaga include:

  • Hornbill School
  • Panaga School
  • Panaga school.jpg
    Panaga Government School



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Coordinates: 4°36′N 114°17′E / 4.600°N 114.283°E / 4.600; 114.283