Panagiotakis Fotilas

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For another Greek revolutionary leader, see Asimakis Fotilas

Panagiotakis Fotilas
Παναγιωτάκης Φωτήλας
Born Kalavryta, (now Greece) Flag of Greece
Died 1824
Greece Flag of Greece
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation Greek revolutionary leader

Panagiotakis Fotilas (Greek: Παναγιωτάκης Φωτήλας, d. 1824) was a Greek politician and a revolutionary leader. He was the son of Asimakis.


Fotilas was born in Kalavryta. On March 19, 1821, he attempted to kill the Turks in Sopoto. He battled in the battle of Lalas and the Siege of Patras.


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