Panamanian parliamentary election, 1918

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The Panama held a parliamentary election on 7 July 1918, electing both a new National Assembly.

After an election held under American supervision, preliminary returns gave the opposition 20 seats in the Assembly to the government’s 13. The way thus seemed clear for an opposition candidate to be selected as president, most likely Ricardo Arias Feraud.[1]

The government contested a number of decisions and requested that the American electoral commission decide the disputes. The final judgment was that the government had won a majority of the National Assembly.[2]

Legislative election[edit]

Parties and alliances Votes/districts % Seats
Government’s (Porrista), the factors of the Liberal Party (PL) and Conservative Party (PC) ?? ?? 20
Opposition (Chiarista), the factors of the Liberal Party (PL) and Conservative Party (PC) ?? ?? 13
Total valid votes ?? 100% 33
Spoilt and invalid votes ?? ??
Total votes/Turnout ?? ??
Registered voters ?? ??
Population ??


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