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Panamanian passport
Front cover of the Panamanian biometric passport.jpg
The front cover of the new Panamanian biometric passport.
PA-Passport Inside 1.jpg
First and second page of a Panama biometric passport
Date first issued 01/06/2014 (biometric passport)
Issued by  Panama
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Panamanian citizenship
Expiration 5 years after acquisition
Cost $100 (ordinary) / $180 (frequent traveler)

A Panamanian passport is the passport issued to citizens of Panama to facilitate international travel. Panamanian citizens enjoy visa-free access to 125 countries and territories.The passports are issued by the Passports Authority of Panama.


The cover of the passport has a dark blue background. The front part of the cover has the words "REPÚBLICA DE PANAMÁ" (Republic of Panama) on top, the coat of arms of Panama in the middle, and the word "PASAPORTE" (passport) on the bottom in Spanish, English and French. All of this is outlined in a grey color. The back part of the cover only has the blue background. The biometric passport symbol EPassport logo.svg appears at the bottom of the front cover under the word "PASSEPORT".

As of January 2016, Panamanian passports are still issued with Panama's old coat of arms, having 9 stars instead of 10. This change took effect in January 2014.

Identity information page[edit]

Data Page of a Panama biometric passport

The Panamanian passport includes the following data on the identity information page:

  • Photograph of the owner/holder (digital image printed on page)
  • Type (P)
  • Code (PAN)
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Surname
  • Given Names
  • Sex (Gender)
  • Personal Number
  • Place of Birth (only the country is listed, even if born inside Panama)
  • Authority
  • Holder's signature (digital image printed on page)
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Machine Readable Zone starting with P<PAN


The identity information page is printed in Spanish and English.

Visa pages[edit]

The passport contains 32 pages for visas. Each with a construction or project of the 2009-2014 government of the Panama. The pages include the following:

Passport message[edit]

All passports contain the following message:

In Spanish:

El Gobierno de la República de Panamá solicita a las autoridades nacionales y extranjeras, brindarle al titular del presente pasaporte, las facilidades para su normal tránsito, asistencia y protección necesaria, así como las debidas consideraciones y reciprocidad en casos similares o que así lo amerite.

In English:

The Government of the Republic of Panama request the national and foreign authorities to provide the holder of this passport with the required support to facilitate his/her normal transit, the assistance, and the necessary protection, as long as the due considerations and reciprocity are mutual.

In French:

Le Gouvernement de la République du Panama demande aux autorités nationales et étrangères de fournir au titulaire du présent passeport les moyens nécessaires à son déplacement normal , l'assistance et la protection nécessaires , ainsi que l'attention requise dans un cadre mutuel el réciproque.

Visa requirements[edit]

Visa requirements for Panamanian citizens
  Visa free access
  Visa on arrival
  Electronic visa available
  Visa required

In 2015, Panamanian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 127 countries and territories, ranking the Panamanian passport 36th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index.[1]

Electronic passport[edit]

Panama unveiled an electronic passport, in late 2012, with a supposed implementation in 2013, in either March, or October.[2][3] Because of this, it was necessary to present a travel reservation to request a passport for the first time; older, expired passports (with expiration dates after December 2007) merely had their validity extended.[4]

In January 2014 Panama finally started issuing electronic passports to its citizens. Its cost increased from $50 to $100, and the inside contains images of recent government projects.[5]


  • Ordinary passport (Grey outline) - Issued for ordinary travel, such as holidays and business trips.
  • Diplomatic passport (Gold outline) - Issued to Panamanian diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers.
  • Emergency travel document - Issued when Panamanians lose the document outside of Panama and must return home.. Must be ordered at a Panamanian embassy or consulate.

Passport Fees[edit]

Fees as at 1 January 2014[6]
Type of Citizen 32 Pages 64 Pages
Regular $100 $180
Retired $50 $90

Pavlo Lazarenko scandal[edit]

In 1998 Pavlo Lazarenko, the former Prime minister of Ukraine was arrested as he tried to enter Switzerland. He was found to be carrying an apparently valid Panamanian passport, although Ukraine did not permit dual nationality.[7]

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