Panayiotis Yamarelos

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Panayiotis Yamarelos (Greek: Παναγιώτης Γιαμαρέλος), also called as Panos Yamarelos/Giamarelos, is a Greek retired university professor of medical jurisprudence and arguably the most famous coroner in Greece, based in Athens. He was for many years the Head of the Medical Examiners of Greece. He has received various awards for his work in the field of medical jurisprudence and published thousands of projects and works in Greece and abroad.

He has been involved in hundreds of death cases in Greece as a medical examiner, with most famous to be the case of soldier Romiopoulos' suspicious death in 1997 and the case of Monk Vissarion Korkoliacos.

Panayiotis Yamarelos died in May 2006.