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Pancharevo (Панчарево)

Pancharevo (Bulgarian: Панчарево or resort) is a neighbourhood of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. It is an administrative centre of Pancharevo municipality, in the outskirts of Vitosha. Pancharevo is one of the most expensive areas in Sofia. The residents are primarily wealthy business people, government officials, television stars and other prominent members of Bulgarian society.


Pancharevo is situated 12 km southeast of the city centre. It is located near Sofia Ring Road, Business Park Sofia, Sofia Airport, Borovets ski resort, Tsarigradsko shose and Iskar Reservoir.


The neighbourhood is mainly constructed of modern houses, apartment buildings, mansions and sports clubs. Pancharevo is unique because of the mineral springs and its lake called "Lake Pancharevo".


The neighbourhood was populated in ancient times. Thracian and Roman antique items were found in the area.

Pancharevo's mineral springs were known to the Thracians who founded a village named „Риляник“ which meant "abundant spring". Later the name was changed. By the time of the Roman Empire it was called "King baths" (Bulgarian: Бани Чезаре). Historians suggest that an imperial mansion was in the area.

A big part of today's inhabitants of Pancharevo came from the historical village called "Glavisha" (Bulgarian: Главиша). This village existed during the Second Bulgarian Empire and after the fall of Bulgaria to the Ottoman Empire. The historical village "Glavisha" (Bulgarian: Главиша) protected the medieval fortress called "Urvich" during the Second Bulgarian Empire and the rule of Ivan Asen V of Bulgaria. Urvich was one of the main medieval fortresses that guarded Sofia ( called "Serdika" during medieval times).

The medieval fortress later became a tourist attraction and is located 20 km of the city centre. The old village "Glavisha" (Bulgarian: Главиша) existed until the 19th century when it was completely destroyed.


Year 1934 1946 1956 1975 1999 2011
Population 838 1020 1847 2188 1666 3433

Source: НСИ


The national rowing base "Sredets" is specialized to conduct training and competitions in rowing disciplines. It was built in 1968 and has hosted multiple tournaments. The base is located in "Lake Pancharevo" and in 1977 was a host to World Cup canoeing and later in 1981 was a host to the World Junior Championship in water sports.

The sports training base "Pancharevo" is a base of the famous Bulgarian football club called "PFC CSKA Sofia" (Bulgarian: ПФК ЦСКА). It is one of the best training bases in Sofia.

Pancharevo is a host to many other sport activities. One of the most popular is "Legion Run - Sofia".