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The Tandya Mahabrahmana (or the Praudha Brahmana) ("great" Brahmana), also known as the Panchavimsha Brahmana from its consisting of twenty-five prapathakas (chapters) is a Brahmana of the Samaveda, belonging to both of its Kauthuma and Ranayaniya shakhas. It deals with the duties of the udgātṛs generally, and especially of the various kinds of chants.


The work is divided into 25 prapathakas, which are further divided into 347 khandas (sections). An overview of the contents of the text is as follows:

  • Prapathaka I: Collection of Yajus
  • Prapathaka II-III: Vistutis
  • Prapathaka IV–IX.2: Various rites (Jyotishtoma, Ukthya, Atiratra, Prakrtis of ekahas and ahinas)
  • Prapathaka IX.3–IX.10: Somaprayaschittas
  • Prapathaka X–XV: Dvadashaha rite
  • Prapathaka XVI–XIX: One day rites
  • Prapathaka XX–XXII: Ahina rites
  • Prapathaka XXIII–XXV: Longer rites (known as the Satras)

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