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The Pachkalshi (or Panchkalshi) are an ethnic community of Maharashtra and Goa. They are also known by name of Somvanshi Kshatriya Pathare (SKP).[1]

They are one of the original tribes, who migrated to Mumbai in 13th century AD with Yaduvanshi king, Raja Bhimdev[2] According to tradition, the Panchkalshis derive their name from the fact that their former headman used to sit on a canopied throne surmounted by five kalashas.[3] They are also priests - Prabhus and related to communities like Pathare Prabhus.

Pachkalshi as well Chaukalshi tribe are found living along the coastal belt of Mumbai & Goa. Panchkalshi consider themselves one notch above Chaukalshis[4]

Panchkalshis have founded at least three temples in Mumbai like Malkeshwar temple in Parel and also Mahadev temple named after famous Parli Vaijnath temple is said to have been built by them. Another temple built by them is of their Kuldevi Vajreshwari devi.[5][6]


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