Pancreatic Cancer Action

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Pancreatic Cancer Action
Founded 2010 (2010)
Founder Ali Stunt
Type Charitable organisation
Registration no. England and Wales: 1137689
Focus pancreatic cancer, Cancer research, Health policy
  • 10 Oakhanger Business Park, Oakhanger, Hampshire, Hampshire, GU35 9JA
Area served
United Kingdom

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a not-for-profit organisation based in the UK whose mission is to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer.

Founded by Ali Stunt, who is herself a rare survivor of the disease,[1] Pancreatic Cancer Action is dedicated to saving lives. The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is only around 5% – this figure has not improved in over 40 years.

Pancreatic cancer is the fifth-commonest cause of cancer death in the UK yet receives only 1% of research funding.[2] Only 10% of patients with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer are able to have potentially curative surgery.[3][4]

  • Mission: To change pancreatic cancer survival numbers
  • Focus: To improve early detection statistics
  • Approach: To increase awareness of pancreatic cancer to the public, the medical community and Government

One focus is the annual UK Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month held in November each year.

Having been involved in setting up the very first Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Week in 2009, Ali Stunt decided it was time to step up the levels of awareness for pancreatic cancer and so founded Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Along with Stunt, Pancreatic Cancer Action has the support of many leading clinicians and researchers in the pancreatic cancer field, along with others whose lives have been touched by pancreatic cancer in some way.

The team[edit]

  • Alison Stunt – Founder & CEO
  • Lu Constable - Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Lucy Delemos - Fundraising Manager
  • Vicky McLaren - Information and Operations Manager
  • Lu Constable - Marketing Executive
  • Gemma Brown - Administration Assistant
  • Issy Smith - Fundraising Communications Assistant

The Trustees[edit]

  • Phil Stunt – Chair
  • Helen Matthews – Secretary & Fundraising
  • Jane McCue – Treasurer
  • Charlotte Maude – Marketing/PR
  • Neville Menezes – Consultant Pancreatic Surgeon
  • Carolyn Scott – Medical Liaison

Medical advisors[edit]


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