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Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry Video game industry
Interactive entertainment
Founded 1990s
Headquarters Taiwan
Products Sango Fighter

Panda Entertainment, full name Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 熊貓軟體公司; pinyin: Xióngmāo Ruǎntǐ Gōngsī), was a video game developer from Taiwan that was active during the 1990s. They developed games for MS-DOS and for the Taiwanese only game console Super A'Can, made by Funtech. Their most famous game is Sango Fighter, and their highest selling game was Crazy Dodgeball.[citation needed] Very odd is the appearance of Adolf Hitler as playable character in the African Adventures series of games.

In 2009 North American company Super Fighter Team acquired the full legal rights to some of the company's games,[1] re-releasing Sango Fighter as freeware immediately afterward. In 2012, Super Fighter Team acquired the remainder of Panda's games.[2]



No. Title AKA title(s) Platform(s) Genre Release year
1 African Adventures 1) 非洲探險 Fēizhōu Tànxiǎn
2) Monopoly: Adventure in Africa
MS-DOS & Super A'Can Puzzle 1995
2 African Adventures 2 1) 非洲探險2 Fēizhōu Tànxiǎn 2
2) Monopoly: Adventure in Africa 2
MS-DOS Puzzle 1996
3 Battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之戰 Chìbì Zhī Zhàn MS-DOS RPG 1994
4 Crazy Dodgeball 1) 爆笑躲避球 Bàoxiào Duǒbì Qiú
2) Panda Dodgeball
MS-DOS Sport 1994
5 Gambling Lord 賭霸 Dǔ Bà Super A'Can Mahjong 1996
6 Hilarious Bowling 爆笑保齡球 Bàoxiào Bǎolíngqiú MS-DOS Sport 1995
7 Journey to the West 1) 西遊記 Xīyóu Jì
2) West Adventure
MS-DOS Action 1994
8 Little Geniuses: Go Home! 天才寶寶大進擊 Tiāncái Bǎobǎo Dà Jìnjī MS-DOS Puzzle 1995
9 Panda: Go Home! 熊貓大進擊 Xióngmāo Dà Jìnjī MS-DOS Action 1996
10 Sango Fighter 三國志武將爭霸 Sānguózhì Wǔjiàng Zhēngbà MS-DOS
Super A'Can & PC-98 (in 1995)
Fighting 1993
11 Sango Fighter 2 三國志武將爭霸2 Sānguózhì Wǔjiàng Zhēngbà 2 MS-DOS Fighting 1995
12 Tough Guy 1) 格鬥悍將 Gédòu Hàn Jiàng
2) Tough Guy: Fighting Titans
MS-DOS Fighting 1995
13 Volleyball Hominid 排球原人 Páiqiú Yuán Rén MS-DOS Sport 1996
14 Water Margin: Heroes of the Marsh 水滸傳之梁山英雄 Shuǐhǔ Zhuàn Zhī Liángshān Yīngxióng MS-DOS Action 1997
15 Xiang Yu: The Overlord of Western Chu 西楚霸王項羽 Xī Chǔ Bàwáng Xiàngyǔ MS-DOS RPG 1996

Note: The title Gambling Lord was co-developed with Funtech.

Controversy Sango Fighter[edit]

Sango Fighter was developed based on the engine of Super Fighter, a game by Taiwanese developer C&E. The engine was taken without permission by a developer who left C&E and joined Panda. Because of the illegal engine, C&E sued Panda and won, forcing Panda to halt its sales of Sango Fighter in Taiwan. However, the ruling didn't stop a dozen pirate companies from continuing selling copies of the game.[4] The game appeared in English, because another company translated it to English and sold it to a shareware company without permission. Shareware developer and publisher Apogee Software was planning on licensing and releasing the game in the United States under the title Violent Vengeance, but the plans for the deal fell through. A company called Accend pirated Sango Fighter and sold it in the USA without official permission from Panda.[5]


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