Pandan Reservoir

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Pandan Reservoir
Sunset view of Pandan Reservoir from Teban Gardens, Singapore.jpg
Sunset view from the nearby Teban Gardens
Location West Region
Coordinates 1°18′50″N 103°44′30″E / 1.31389°N 103.74167°E / 1.31389; 103.74167Coordinates: 1°18′50″N 103°44′30″E / 1.31389°N 103.74167°E / 1.31389; 103.74167
Type Reservoir
Primary inflows Sungei Pandan
Primary outflows Sungei Pandan
Basin countries Singapore
Max. length Approx 6.1 km (3.8 mi) (perimeter track, gravel)

Pandan Reservoir (Simplified Chinese: 班丹蓄水池) is a reservoir located in the West Region of Singapore. Formed by damming the mouth of Sungei Pandan, it is the largest service reservoir in Singapore providing non-potable water to the surrounding industrial areas and in particular, the Jurong Industrial Estate. It is currently managed and maintained by the Public Utilities Board of Singapore.[1]

Facing the reservoir on one side is the town of Pandan Gardens and Teban Gardens along West Coast Road, while the industrial areas of Penjuru Road and Jalan Buroh flank the other faces.[2]

It is also home to the Singapore Rowing Association / Singapore Amateur Rowing Association, which has its gate along Jalan Buroh. Pandan Reservoir took the name from the area which it is located at Pandan Estate.

Panoramic view of Pandan Reservoir from Penjuru Road


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