Pandemonium (New Zealand band)

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Origin Christchurch, New Zealand
Genres Various: see article
Years active 1998–present

Pandemonium is a percussion group from Christchurch, New Zealand, formed in 1998


Pandemonium was formed in 1998 by a group of percussionists in Christchurch, New Zealand. They have 9 members including a guitarist, vocalist and bass guitarist and have been known to include a brass section when the music requires this. Pandemonium's members came from a variety of musical backgrounds, including rock bands, jazz bands, orchestras, brass bands, pipe bands, show music and chamber music. This exopsure to different music genres has enabled Pandemonium to develop many different styles of music to suit different performances. The group was influenced by Blue Man Group, Stomp, Evelyn Glennie, Strike and the Japanese Taiko drumming, just to name a few.


Pandemonium uses percussive instruments from all over the world and features the only performing set of West Indian Steel Pans in New Zealand. Their other instruments include log drums, five octave concert marimba, vibraphone, Latin percussion, drum kit, bass guitar, junk rig and many other instruments. They play tuned and untuned percussion and have found junk alternatives to some instruments so as to promote the message of music making, making your own instruments and recycling.


Their projects include the World Tour of Percussion which incorporates a huge setup covering music from around the world in a one-hour gig. They start the show by playing the roots of rhythm from Africa on large recycled telecommunication duct and then on to music from the Americas, Caribbean, Europe and finally end on our huge scaffold structure covered in recycled junk playing the music of Stomp. They also have a show called Junk Jam! which encourages children to enjoy music and recycle.

Pandemonium plays all kinds of music and in many different settings. They have performed at large national events such as the Halberg Awards, as well as giving touring concerts for schools and private performances. They now also have a compilation of music with a professional Christchurch based vocalist which is an interesting idea because many guests won't have seen or heard a group like them before.

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