Pandora's Box (band)

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Pandora's Box
OriginUnited States
Years active1989-1990
MembersElaine Caswell
Ellen Foley
Gina Taylor
Deliria Wilde
Jim Steinman

Pandora's Box was a female pop group assembled by Jim Steinman in the 1980s. Some of its members had previously worked with Steinman, in the ensemble Fire Inc., on the album Bat Out of Hell, on live shows and on other studio recordings. They produced one concept album, Original Sin, released in 1989.


The listed members, whose photos were put on the album, were Elaine Caswell, Ellen Foley, Gina Taylor, Deliria Wilde and Jim Steinman, who was listed as a keyboardist. The album credits two more artists with lead vocals on songs: Laura Theodore and Holly Sherwood. Additionally, backing vocals were performed by Rory Dodd, Eric Troyer and Todd Rundgren.

Foley had worked with Steinman on Bat Out of Hell and Neverland. Holly Sherwood was a member of his group Fire Inc. Caswell has worked with Steinman on many projects, including The Dream Engine. In 2005 and 2006, she performed "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" at shows called "Over the Top" and The Dream Engine, respectively, at Joe's Pub in New York City.[1]

Gina Taylor is also known as Gina Taylor Pickens, and was previously a stage actress off-Broadway and member of the band Musique. She previously worked with Steinman as part of the background vocals on the track This Corrosion by The Sisters Of Mercy.[2]

Jim Steinman says that Pandora's Box is one of his favourite mythologies.[3]

Elaine Caswell stated in interview (in 2018) that Pandora's Box was "four women; three that existed and [...] Deliria Wilde who was somewhat mythical, someone [Steinman] kind of created".[4]


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