Pandora's Curse

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Pandora's Curse
Paperback Edition
Author Jack Du Brul
Country United States
Language English
Series Philip Mercer novels
Genre Adventure, Techno-thriller novel
Publisher Onyx
Publication date
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 480 pp (Paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0-451-40963-8
OCLC 47888357
LC Class CPB Box no. 1838 vol. 3
Preceded by The Medusa Stone
Followed by River of Ruin

Pandora's Curse is an adventure novel by Jack Du Brul. This is the 4th book featuring the author’s primary protagonist, Philip Mercer.

Plot introduction[edit]

During World War II, at a secret Nazi submarine base, containers crafted entirely from looted wartime gold were hidden away. The treasure was not the solid-gold chests, but the cargo they carried - an artifact so lethal that whoever possessed "Pandora's Boxes" held the power to unleash hell upon earth....

In the unforgiving wastes of Greenland, geologist Philip Mercer uncovers a long - abandoned U.S. Army base buried under the ice - and a long-dead body still hot with radiation. Before Mercer and his colleague, the seductive Dr. Anika Klein, can investigate further, a flash fire engulfs the base, and they are ordered to evacuate. But their plane is forced to land when a bomb is discovered on board, and they must seek shelter from the murderous weather in a hidden ice cavern.

That's where they learn the startling truth. A powerful German corporation has launched an operation to destroy evidence of its Nazi past. But one of the corporate mercenaries knows what's inside the Pandora boxes, and he plans to hold the entire world hostage - unless Mercer can find a way to stop him....[1]


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