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Pandora is a character in Greek mythology.

Pandora may also refer to:




Film, television and audio[edit]


  • Pandora (console), a hand held video game console with open-source software
  • Pandora, the barren planet of the Borderlands universe
  • Pandora, the artificially-created human key to opening Pandora's Box in God of War III
  • Pandora, a character in the Guitar Hero series of video games
  • Pandora, one of the antagonists in the Mega Man ZX series
  • Pandora, a character in the Kid Icarus series of video games.




  • Pandora Archive, an online archive run by the National Library of Australia
  • Pandora FMS (Flexible Monitoring System), a distributed computer monitoring system
  • Pandora Radio, an automated music recommendation service and custodian of the Music Genome Project
  • Pandora (marketplace), a defunct darknet market


  • HMS Pandora, several ships of the Royal Navy
  • Pandora, a civil transport version of the Argentine DINFIA IA 35 1950s airplane
  • Pandora II, a character in Greek mythology named after her grandmother Pandora
  • Pandora A/S, a global jewelry manufacturer founded in Denmark
  • Pandora mine, which supplied the Klondyke mill in the Gwydyr Forest, north Wales

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