Pandori, Jhelum

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labour force working in pandori
Pandori, tehsil dina district jehlum
Village and union council
Country pakistan
Region Punjab Province
District Under dina tehsil
Tehsil mangla road dina
 • Type Govt. of Pakistan
 • governor of punjab ch altaf of ladhar
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Pandori is a village and union council of Jhelum District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is part of Dina Tehsil,[1] and is located at 33°6'0N 73°37'0E with an altitude of 271 metres (892 feet).[2]

Pandori consists of many dhokes (small villages). These dhokes are scattered over a 3 km perimeter and are inhabited by different families. Well known dhokes are Tamma, Afghanabad, Dupri, Kund, Sahi, Khinger, Baral and Potha. Notable tribes in Pandori are Sarwani, Rajas, Mughals, Maliks Jats and Khans.

One of the famous villages is Dhok Tama, situated on Pandori link road near Pandori high school. Tama has 2 Sufi shrines, the most famous being Mian Budha Sab, near Pandori boys school. At this shrine celebrations are held annually lasting for 5 days. Dhok Tama is one of the earliest dhoks in Pandori, the inhabitants belong to the Tama clan of the Jat tribe. Their ancestor was the son of Dulma Khan, who migrated from Iran during the forced conversion to Shiite Islam.they like to called mirza.mirza is the best family of this is best village The Afghanabad is the most inhabited dhok of Pindori. The major tribe of Afghanabad is Sarwani. Afghanabad is surrounded by the dhok Nai Abadi, Mechine Mohala No. 1 and Dhok Shaikhupur.[3]

Pandori is surrounded by scenic mountains on one side and Mangla Lake on the other. The River Jhelum used to flow in close proximity of Pandori, but now due to Dam construction its bed is dry.


People of Pandori mostly speak pandori dhok tamma is famous dhok mughal jatt family is biggest family of this village.They like to called mirza.




Chak Beli Khan, Bhaiya



Source of income[edit]

Agriculture and Employers in Company Pandori Oil Field.


Coordinates: 33°6′0″N 73°37′0″E / 33.10000°N 73.61667°E / 33.10000; 73.61667