Panehesy (name)

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in hieroglyphs

Panehesy (pꜣ-nḥsj /pɑ nɛħsi/, also spelled Panehsy, Pinehesy, etc.) is an ancient Egyptian masculine name, meaning "the Nubian." It is suggested to be the original Egyptian form of the Hebrew name Phinehas.[1]

Notable bearers of the name include:

  • Panehesy, a priest of Aten under Akhenaten,
  • Panehesy, a priest during the reign of Ramesses II,
  • Panehesy, vizier under Merenptah,
  • Panehesy, Viceroy of Kush under Ramesses XI.

An older version of the name is Nehesy.

  • Nehesy, a ruler of the 14th dynasty
  • Nehesy, chief treasurer of Hatshepsut


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