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Panel may refer to:

Art and comic books[edit]

  • Panel painting, in art, either one element of a multi-element piece of art, such as a triptych, a piece of sequential art such as a graphic novel or comic strip, or a wooden panel used to paint a picture on
  • Panel (comics), a single image in a comic book, comic strip or cartoon; also, a comic strip containing one such image
  • Groupings of rock art, pictographs or petroglyphs



  • Panel discussion, a small group of experts speaking in turns before an audience, usually including a question period and usually with the purpose of educating or persuading
  • Panel game, a form of game show involving a group of celebrities

Legal system[edit]

  • Panel, or pannel, in Scotland, the formal term in solemn proceedings for the accused person, see Indictment
  • Judicial panel, set of judges who sit to hear a cause of action
  • Jury panel, body of people convened to render a judicial verdict

Science and technology[edit]

  • Control panel (engineering), a flat area containing controls and indicators, commonly found in aircraft, but may be associated with the operation of any machinery
  • Breaker panel, a flat area containing electrical circuit breakers
  • Panel data, a longitudinal statistical study in which one group of individuals are interviewed at intervals over a given period of time
  • Panel edge staining, build-up on aluminium or stainless steel panelling
  • Panel switch, a type of electromechanical telephone switching system developed by the Bell System in the 1920s
  • Solar panel, a flat module of photovoltaic solar cells
  • Structural insulated panel, a building system for construction
  • Survey panel, a type of non-random sample survey
  • Test panel, a predetermined group of medical tests
  • Panels, the sections of fabric or other material that make up a Canopy. When the canopy is connected by falls of cord to a harness and its cargo (i.e. human, materiel), the entire assembly is called a parachute

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