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Use sectors[edit]

Panel PC

The growing competences and developing of automation sector requires faster and more powerful technologies which can enable humans to better interact with the machines.

Panel pc are indeed very similar technology of HMI systems, the difference is essentially the capacity of elaborating data. Panel Pc are physically bigger so they can host a wider range of components and wider board.

Panel PC are generally managing a machine processes and it could be adapted to all of its main multiple supports:

Main Features[edit]

The market has developed different types of solution which defers mainly for standard features and custom solution. Choosing a type, rather than developing a custom made solution, it actually depends on industrial needs and sector.

  • Food and Pharma production sector has a highly igienic standards, so the surfaces must be completely flat and cleanable with specific solution.
  • Industrial manufacturing companies has instead a massive production amount of micro-powder during the process.
  • Packaging industry has again another approach, which combines both of the previous neessities.

The Panel PCs are equipped with the latest generation touchscreen technology that can also be used with work gloves, characterized by glass flat-screen adaptable to any support. The main element which characterized the PC are:

Fanless system[edit]

Panel PC are equipped with an efficient fanless cooling systems, very sophisticated, silent and able to reduce both the lifting of dust and maintenance costs. The fanless systems allows the Panel PC to dissipate the heat without using the fans, only by using copper, reducing the powder dispersion

IP frontal protection[edit]

The frontal protection is fundamental for 2 main aspects:

  • Cleaning - some of the cleaning processes are made with water or other cleaning solvent solution moreover could happen that the sanitization could happen even through high pressure lance
  • Dirty working process - the Panel PC could be used even by using gloves and there should be an anti-stain treatment

Touchscreen - Resistive/Capacitive[edit]

Panel PC touchscreens could be both resistive or capacitive according to the type of final use which it will have. The differences are:

  • Resistive - Coated with a resistive material and separated by an air gap or microdots - Since it works with pressure points it can be used with any type of gloves whether they are thick or slim.
  • Capacitive - Based on capacitive coupling, that can detect and measure anything that is conductive or has a dielectric different from air - Since it is working with dielectric conduction, gloves cannot be extremely thick


If depends on the mainboard type, Using a Panel PC instead of an HMI usually implies the necessity to have a stronger data elaboration capacity or, in few cases, to have a wide monitor.

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