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The Panel of Chairs (formerly the Chairmen's Panel) are members of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom responsible for chairing public bill committees and other General Committees, as well as debates in Westminster Hall, the parallel debating chamber. The three Deputy Speakers, who are automatically members, are responsible for chairing Committees of the Whole. Other members may act as temporary chairs of Committees of the Whole House. The Panel is not itself generally thought of as a committee, but it does have the power to meet to consider matters relating to procedure in the general committees and report its findings to the House of Commons.[1]


The panel consists of the three Deputy Speakers and no fewer than 10 MPs appointed by the Speaker, two of whom are appointed pursuant to section 1(3) of the Parliament Act 1911 by the Committee of Selection to be consulted by the Speaker before declaring a bill to be a money bill. As of December 2015, the members are as follows:


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