Panfield Priory

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Panfield Priory site today

Panfield Priory was a priory of Augustinian Canons Regular sited in Panfield, Essex, England.

It was a small alien house of only a few monks dependent on St. Etienne Abbey, Caen (St Stephens Abbey). It was founded in 1069-70 (1070–77) by Waleran Fitz Ranulph and dissolved in 1413. In 1472 it was granted to Christchurch, Canterbury. The property was granted to Sir Giles Caple in 1538-39.

Traces of the foundations have been located in a field north of Great Priory Farm, but nothing can be seen above ground.


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Coordinates: 51°54′16″N 0°31′20″E / 51.904364°N 0.522325°E / 51.904364; 0.522325 (Panfield Priory)