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Pang name.png
PronunciationPáng (Mandarin)

Pong (Hong Kong)

Bàng (Vietnamese)
Region of originChina

Pang (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: Páng) is a Chinese surname. It is romanized Pong in Cantonese. In Vietnam, this surname is written in Quốc Ngữ as Bàng. "Pang" is also the Cantonese romanization of another Chinese surname Peng (Chinese: ; pinyin: Péng).


There are four commonly cited origins to the Pang surname. They are:

  • The Pang surname originates from the surname Ji (), the ancestral name of the Zhou dynasty. Descendants of King Wen of Zhou became the rulers of the vassal state Pang, located in today's Nanyang.[1]
  • The Pang surname originates from the surname Gaoyang (高揚), that of the mythological emperor Zhuanxu.[1]
  • A wealthy family around Xiangyang took the surname Pang, due to it having the meaning of grand or large.[1]
  • A noble family name in Ancient China, first granted to a country's benefactor and royal relative by the Empire during the Zhou dynasty. Meaning, Dragons roar from the High Palace of the South Sea. High Palace, a grand mansion surrounded by constant rapids. A person bearing traits associated with Pang including virtue, grand, power and strength, intelligence, or an affinity for dragons.
  • A small fraction of Chinese ethnic minorities have the Pang surname. They include the Manchu, the Tujia, the Yao, the Qiang, and the Mongols.[1]


The Pang character, with Long (Chinese: dragon) character in the centre, the two strokes outside is the shape of shrine, illustrating worship of dragon god. As surname, it is generally known as the House of Dragon or Dragon God.

Phono-semantic compound (形聲, OC *broːŋ): semantic 广 (“house”) + phonetic 龍 ("dragon") (OC *b·roŋ, *mroːŋ).

The character later also used as an adjective with meaning of huge; enormous; tremendous.

Notable people with surnamed Pang (龐)[edit]

Persons with surname "Pang" (龐) include:

  • Pang Bingxun (龐炳勛; Wade–Giles: Pang Ping-hsun (1879-1963), military general during the Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Pang De (龐德; died 219), general serving under various warlords in the late Eastern Han dynasty
  • Pang Juan (龐涓; died 342 BC), military general from the Warring States Period
  • May Pang (龐鳳儀, born 1950), American personal assistant and production coordinator for John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
  • Pang Wanchun (龐萬春), fictional character in the novel Water Margin
  • Pang Tong (龐統; 179–214), adviser to the Eastern Han dynasty warlord Liu Bei
  • Pang Xi (龐羲), official serving under the Eastern Han dynasty warlord Liu Zhang

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