Pang Muang railway station

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Pang Muang railway station

LocationMu 9 (Ban Pang Muang), Hang Chat Subdistrict, Hang Chat District, Lampang
Owned byState Railway of Thailand
Line(s)Northern Line
Other information
Station codeปม.
Preceding station   State Railway of Thailand   Following station
toward Bangkok
Northern Line
toward Chiang Mai

Pang Muang railway station is a railway station located in Hang Chat Subdistrict, Hang Chat District, Lampang. It is a class 3 railway station located 660.988 km (410.7 mi) from Bangkok railway station.

Train services[edit]

  • Local 407/408 Nakhon Sawan-Chiang Mai-Nakhon Sawan


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Coordinates: 18°20′09″N 99°22′09″E / 18.3359°N 99.3693°E / 18.3359; 99.3693