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Panga is the common South African name for Pterogymnus laniarius, a small, ocean-dwelling fish

Panga may also refer to:




  • Panga (canoe), a small Chamorro traditional outrigger canoe without a sail
  • Panga (skiff), a small flat-bottomed fishing boat common in developing countries that was originally developed by the Yamaha Corporation in the 1970s

Other uses[edit]

  • Operation Panga, a 1971 military operation launched by the Rhodesian Security Forces against the communist insurgent group, ZIPRA
  • Panga Cliff, a coastal cliff located near Panga in Saare County, Estonia
  • PangaeaPanga or Alex Tan (born 1996), American ROM hacker and tool-assisted speedrunner
  • Panga (knife), a large cutting tool in East and Southern Africa
  • Panga (film), an upcoming Indian Hindi-language sports drama film