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Industry ICT
Founded January 1, 1993 (1993-01-01)
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain
Website or Pangea is a non-profit supporting organisation, which has been working for social change since 1993. It "facilitates communication" through the use of information and communication technologies as e-mail, web content, free software and any other Internet service. Although it works with the Association for Progressive Communications in international projects its activity is focused on Europe / Spain / Catalonia (working locally, thinking globally).

This network began with an idea in early 1993 with the goal to facilitate electronic communication and information dissemination before the Internet appeared in Spain. That was the time of modems, terminal emulators, email, conferences, data networks. Later on, Pangea offered, promoted and provided training on the use of Internet, Linux, free software, web pages and applications to civil society organizations, social movements and non-profits. Furthermore, Pangea promotes critical thinking about the use, development, participation and politics of the Internet, ICT4D, and the Information Society in general. Pangea offers is self-sustained by the membership.

The most active programs and topics are: women's program, free software, training. There are databases on non-profits in Spain, and agendas for events related to social movements.

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