Pangea (cable system)

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Pangea North and Pangea South
Submarine cable actual location.png
Landing points
Total length511 km[1]
Design capacity7.2 Tbit/s[2]
Date of first use2001[3]

Pangea was a submarine telecommunications cable system transiting the North Sea connecting UK with Denmark and Netherlands. By 2018 it was no longer in service.[4] It consisted of two widely separated submarine segments - Pangea North and Pangea South.[3]

Pangea North segment of length 259 km had landing points at:[5]

From Fanø, an island off the coast of Jutland, there were an onwards section to the mainland, landing near Esbjerg at

Pangea South segment of length 252 km had landing points at:[6]

The cable systems were deployed as a part of a larger effort by the network operator, Pangea Europe Limited, to connect countries in the Nordic region.[7][8] However, the company already had economic difficulties in September 2001[9] and bankruptcy was filed in 2002 shortly after Pangea was finished. The cable ownership were transferred first to Arrowhead and Nortel[10] and then to become a part of Linx Telecom (now CITIC Telecom CPC) later in 2004.[11]


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