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Pangea Software, Inc.
IndustryVideo games
HeadquartersAustin, Texas
Key people
Brian Greenstone, CEO

Pangea Software is an Apple product game company based in Austin, Texas that is owned and operated by Brian Greenstone. Founded in 1987, the company began as a developer of Apple IIGS games, with the first (and most notable) being Xenocide. In 1991, they switched to Macintosh development; notable titles included Power Pete, Nanosaur, Bugdom, Cro-Mag Rally, and Otto Matic. Since 2008, the company has mostly ceased developing Mac games and instead chosen to focus on iOS games,[1] due to the latter being a more lucrative market.

Pangea specializes in video games, the majority of which are 3D third person shooters. They have a shareware/demo version available for download from their website; serial numbers must be purchased to unlock the full versions. In 1995, Pangea made a deal with Apple to bundle their games with Macintosh computers; this deal ended in 2006, when Apple transitioned to Intel CPUs and decided to stop bundling third-party software.

In addition to games, Pangea also specializes in panoramic photography services.

List of games[edit]


Apple IIGS


  • Runic (Macintosh, 2007), developed by CodeTurbine

Other products[edit]

In 1984 Brian Greenstone released his first game, Bloodsuckers, as shareware for the 8-bit Apple II. In 1993 he programmed and co-designed Harley's Humongous Adventure for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Brian Greenstone has also written The Ultimate Game Programming Guide (2004), a book about programming a 3D game engine for Mac OS X.

Since 2006, Pangea has also provided a panoramic photography service, allowing customers to have a 360˚ view of an area that can be navigated and interacted with via a cursor.


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