Pangi Territory

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Pangi Territory
Pangi Territory is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Pangi Territory
Pangi Territory
Coordinates: 3°10′14″S 26°38′10″E / 3.170597°S 26.636052°E / -3.170597; 26.636052Coordinates: 3°10′14″S 26°38′10″E / 3.170597°S 26.636052°E / -3.170597; 26.636052
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Maniema
 • Total 13,635 km2 (5,265 sq mi)

Pangi Territory is an administrative area in Maniema Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The headquarters is the town of Pangi.

The Elila River flows through Pangi territory, entering the Lualaba River to the west. The territory is divided into the Babene chiefdom and the Beia, Ikama, Wakabango and Wasongola sectors.[1] Most of the territory is inhabited by the Lega people, as are the adjoining Mwenga and Shabunda territories.[2] As of 1972 there were still a few Pygmies living among the Baziri tribe of Lega people.[3] Before independence the territory had 97,380 inhabitants of whom 35,518 were in urban and mining agglomerations.[4]