Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar

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Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar
Died20 November 1946[1]
Other namesPangil Ustha, Pangil Musliyar
Known forIslamic Educationist, Sunni Scholar, Malabar Muslims’ reformer, second president of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama[2][3]

Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar (Malayalam: പാങ്ങില് അഹ്മദ് കുട്ടി മുസ്ലിയാറ്, Arabic: بانغل احمد كدي مسليار) prominent scholar hailing from Kerala, is the second president of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama. He was the spear head of Sunni horde during the early period of the intellectual war against the novelty based group and was the reformer leader of Mappilas. His lineage reaches to Swahabas and Thabees.

Education life[edit]

Pangil Ahmed Kutty’s life was confined to imparting and imbibing knowledge. Thanks to educated family background, he was motivated to fetch more knowledge. His primary education was accomplished under his father, Noorudheen. He memorized the Quran in his seventh age and went ahead with higher studies with full support his family members. He studies in many Dars under the prominent scholars of that time; Karambanakkal was one of his Dars. Seeking the higher education as well as the degree, he went to Vellur Baqiyathu Swalihath and studied under the respected Abdul Jabbar Hazrath, the founder principal of the institution. He utilized the leisure time to obtain good command in Urdu and Tamil. He was graduated from Bakyiath in early 1912 and later went Lathefeeya Madrasa. He was more interested in world war and Kilafath movement[citation needed].

Family background[edit]

Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar tied the knot with Khadeeja, the daughter of Saithalavi Haji and Hajjuma, in 1917. After a decade, he married Fathima, daughter of Vallpuza Palaka Parambil Beeran Kutty Musliyar and later he accepted new life partner, Amina, the member of erstwhile Ponnani Makhdoom family.

In Samastha[edit]

Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama,[4][5][6] the greatest scholars’ organization in Kerala, also became the main stage of Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar’s service. In 1932, after the demise of Varakkal Mullakoya Thangal, he was selected as the second president of the organization.

Social and political service[edit]

Pangil Ahmed Kutty Musliyar was very interested in social service as well as social welfare, and occupied many significant positions in reputed institutions like Islahul Uloom of Tanoor.[7][8] He was actively involved in political organizations. He wrote many oeuvres like Thuhfathul Ahdab (تحفة الاحداب ), Islathul Kharafath (اصلاح الخرافاة) and Tajul Wasyil (تاج الوصائل).


After 1945s he kept a distance from the public services and other social interaction due to physical problems. During the 16th anniversary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama, he felt ill and later he lay on his bed. He died on 20 November 1946 (Hijra 1365, Dul Hijja 25).[9]


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