Pangkal Pinang

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Pangkal Pinang
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese 邦加檳港 (檳港)
 • Jawi ڤڠكل ڤينڠ
Street view of Pangkal Pinang
Street view of Pangkal Pinang
Official seal of Pangkal Pinang
Country Indonesia
Province Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Founded 17 September 1757
Elevation 13 m (43 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 327,167
Demonym(s) Pinkong-Nyin (檳港人)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) +62 717
Pangkal Pinang
Traditional Chinese 邦加檳港
Simplified Chinese 邦加槟港

Pangkalpinang (Jawi: ڤڠكل ڤينڠ‎, simplified Chinese: 邦加槟港; traditional Chinese: 邦加檳港; pinyin: Bāng jiā bīn gǎng, or Pîn-kóng (槟港) in Hakka), is the largest town on the Indonesian island of Bangka and the capital of the province of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. It is located on Bangka's eastern coast at 2°8′S 106°7′E / 2.133°S 106.117°E / -2.133; 106.117Coordinates: 2°8′S 106°7′E / 2.133°S 106.117°E / -2.133; 106.117

Landmarks in the city include the Timah Museum, a Chinese temple, the Cathedral of St. Joseph, the Bangka Botanical Garden (BBG) and the Pasir Padi beach.


In order to control rich tin mines deposit on eastern Bangka, the Dutch moved the capital of Bangka Belitung's resident from Muntok to Pangkal Pinang in 1913.


A Chinese Temple in Pangkal Pinang

Pangkalpinang's population was 108,411 in 1990 and has risen to 174,838 at the 2010 Census.[1] The half population is the Malay which mainly speak Bangka Malay ("Bahasa Bangkak"), a variation of Malay dialects that used in Bangka and Belitung region and other half is the Chinese population, who originally immigrated from Guangdong province of southern China. They are called 'Peranakan' ("Children of the Indies") locally, and mainly speak a Hakka dialect with a small minority of Cantonese speakers. In conversation with another Chinese, they call themselves Thong Ngin (Tang People; 唐人) and Fan Ngin (Malay People; 番人) for local Malays.


The city is divided into five districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population:[2]

Name Population
Census 2010
Rangkui 39,938
Bukit Intan 43,325
Pangkal Balam 41,055
Taman Sari 13,117
Gerunggang 37,323
Gabek new district ("kecamatan")
Mujair VI 7


Pangkalpinang is one of the major ports on the Karimata Strait. It produces tin, white pepper, fish, copra, marine vessel.

The town has an airport with 2.350 m length and is served by flights from Jakarta and Palembang. Pangkal Pinang is connected by paved asphalt roads with other towns on the island.

There is important household manufacturing weaving, plating, metal-work, carving and basket making.

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