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Native toBangladesh, India
RegionBilaichari, Jorachari, Barkal, & Baghaichari districts, and parts of Rangamati district
Native speakers
3,200 in Bangladesh (2012)[1]
unknown number in India[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3pkh

Pangkhua (Pangkhu), or Paang, is a Kuki-Chin language primarily spoken in Bangladesh. Most speakers of Pangkhu are bilingual in Bengali, and most education in Pangkhu is conducted in that language.

Since there is essentially no literature in Pangkhua, other than oral folk tales and songs, the Pangkhua community members use Lushai literature. There are minimal language differences between Pangkhua, Bawm and Mizo[3]


The dialects of the two main communities that use Pangkhu, Bilaichari and Konglak, share 88% of their basic vocabulary.


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