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The Pangu Plaza (Chinese: 盘古大观) is a multiple building complex including the Pangu 7 Star Hotel, overlooking the busy Olympic District of Beijing, where it is neighbours with many of the 2008 Beijing Olympic venues, including the Beijing National Stadium (Bird Nest) and the Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube). Also, it is close to the National Library, the fourth largest library in the world and the largest one in China. The Pangu 7 Star Hotel occupies the "First Block" of the "Pangu", and it contains two pavilions, a temple, a Japanese restaurant, and a 600-meter-long corridor.[1]

Rating and further information[edit]

The hotel is named "Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing" in spite of the fact that no traditional organization or formal body awards or recognizes any rating over "five-star deluxe", and in spite of the fact that customarily a hotel does not award itself stars. In the time-honoured, international hotel rating tradition, 5 is the maximum number of stars awarded, so, for example, world-renowned establishments like Claridges or the Waldorf Astoria do not protest that they have been awarded "merely" 5 stars, as this is actually the highest award / rating. The Pangu 7 Star Hotel is considered to be the top luxury hotel in Beijing.[2] Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., stayed at the hotel during the Beijing Olympics.[3]

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