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Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC) (Persian: پشتیبانی و نوسازی هلیکوپترهای ایران‎, abbreviated as پنها, PANHA) is an Iranian helicopter manufacturing company.[1][2]


Following the purchase by Iran of some Italian helicopters from Agusta Company, it became important to establish a plant for support and repair these helicopters. This plant was named Iran Joint Helicopter Industry. Later on, after purchase of some large number of helicopters from Bell, planning for expansion of this plant to support the new fleet started. Part of this expansion was to create three major sections.

  • 1. (NMP) Repair and Maintenance Center
  • 2. (HDMC) Main Fleet Repair Center
  • 3. (NICP) Logistics and Support Center

After Iran’s revolution in 1979, US embargo on Iran, and the start of the Iran-Iraq war, PANHA started its operations with a goal of supporting and maintaining helicopters in the war. After a few years, they became self-sufficient in repair and maintenance of all of Iran's military helicopters. In 1986, following this success, their task of repair, maintenance, and support expanded to other organizations like communication, oil, Red Cross of Iran, and power plants.

Currently, this organization repairs and maintains ten different kinds of military and non-military helicopters in sixteen different models. In 1994, experts at PANHA Company completed the structure of their first helicopter called Shabaviz. After this, they received their first official permit to start manufacturing commercial helicopters. PANHA has been instrumental in reverse-engineering helicopters, their upgrades and servicing the large fleet of Iranian helicopters.[3]


  • Repair and maintain nine kinds of helicopters in fifteen different models. (Bell 205, Bell 206, Bell 212, Bell 214, CH, RH, SH, 412, Mil 17)
  • Body structure and upgrading helicopters
  • Design and configuration of variety of helicopters windows and glasses
  • Design and manufacturing fixtures



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