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Panhalakaji Caves are situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state. This cave complex has around 30 Buddhist Caves.[1] The Hinayana sect began carving caves in 3rd century AD, beginning with the stupa in the current Cave 5.[2] The caves have inscriptions in Brahmi and Devanagari script.[1] In the 10-11th century AD another Buddhist group, a Vajrayana sect, established cave 10 with their deities Akshobhya and Mahachandaroshana; and strengthened their practice in that region. Shiva and Ganpatya worshiping started at the site during Silahara rule.[2]

A list of important caves includes:[2]

  • Cave 10 has and image of Maha-Chandraroshana. This deity is shown on the stupa which signifies the connection of Ratnagiri with ancient Buddhist sites of Orissa.
  • Cave 14 has deities of Nath Pantha.
  • Cave 19 has shivlinga in it. It has Hindu scriptures on its ceiling.
  • Cave 29 was used by Nath Pantha and was renamed as Gaur Lena.

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