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Panichishte (Bulgarian: Паничище) is a village in Bulgaria. It is located in the Rila Mountains, 3km southeast of the town Sapareva Banya and not far from Dupnitsa. It is about 1,350 meters above the sea level and it lies on the border with Rila National Park.Not only it is a ski resort with sport center for various sport, but it is spa resort too.

In 2009 a lift is build and the travel time from point A to point B is 16 minutes. It is build with the purpose of avoiding a dangerous steep section of a route from and to Seven Rila Lakes.

Panichishte Lift and Rila Lakes


Coordinates: 42°15′41″N 23°17′42″E / 42.26139°N 23.29500°E / 42.26139; 23.29500