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Panichishte (Bulgarian: Паничище) is a resort in Bulgaria. It is located in Rila Mountain, 3 km (10 km by car) southeast of Sapareva Banya Town and not far from Dupnitsa Town. At 1,350 meters above sea level, it lies on the border of Rila National Park. Not only it is a ski resort with sport center for various sport, but it is a spa resort too.

In 2009 an aerial lift was built to avoid a dangerous steep section of a route from and to Seven Rila Lakes. Travel time between terminals is 16 minutes.

Panichishte Lift and Rila Lakes


Coordinates: 42°15′41″N 23°17′42″E / 42.26139°N 23.29500°E / 42.26139; 23.29500