Panikos sta scholeia

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Panikos sta scholeia
Πανικός στα σχολεία
Directed by Dimis Dadiras
Written by Giorgos Mylonas
Starring Giannis Voglis
Mary Chronopoulou
Nikos Apergis
Nelli Gini
Anestis Vlahos
Lefteris Gyftopoulos
Distributed by Greca Film Lefakis
Release date
January 1982
Running time
108 min
Country Greece
Language Greek

Panikos sta Scholeia (Greek: Πανικός στα σχολεία, "Panic in the Schools") is a 1981 Greek film directed by Dimis Dadiras, written by Giorgos Mylonas and starring Giannis Voglis, Mary Chronopoulou and Apostolos Sougklakos.


Alexandros Makris (Giannis Tsilivakos), a student in an Athens school dies from a drug overdose. His father, Giannis Makris (Giannis Voglis), will try to uncover the drug dealers responsible for his only child's death and take revenge for it.


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