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The Panismahas or Panimaha were a sub-group of the Pawnee. They mainly appear in the 18th century, and how they connect with later 19th century groups is somewhat unclear. They may have been somehow connected with the Skidi sub-group of the Pawnee, but this is not certain.

In the Fall of 1724 in a village of the Kansa people the Panismahas joined a peace council with Frenchmen, Otoes, Osages, Iowas, Missouris and Illinis.[1]

They lived west of the Missouri River in what is today Nebraska. In about 1752 they made peace with the Comanches, Wichitas and the main Pawnee groups.

One group of these people, who may have been specifically part of the Skidi tribe, moved from what is now Nebraska to the Texas-Arkansas border regions where they lived with the Taovayas. It appears that this group was also the Pannis designated in a village along the Sulphur Creek in northeast Texas in a 19th-century Spanish map.[2]


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