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Panj is located in Tajikistan
Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 37°14′7″N 69°05′50″E / 37.23528°N 69.09722°E / 37.23528; 69.09722

Panj (Tajik: Панҷ) is a city in southern Tajikistan which is situated on the Afghan border, some 252 kilometres (157 mi) south of the capital Dushanbe. It is located along the banks of the Panj River, from which it derives its name.

In Soviet times Panj was known as Baumanabad, and later as Kirovabad. It has also been known as Pyandj, Pyandzh, Kirowabad, Sarai, Sarai-Kamar, Saray Komar, and Saray-Kamar.

It is not to be confused with the town of Dusty, Tajikistan which has been known as Pyandj, Pyandzh, Molotovabad, Dŭsty, and Dusti.

Coordinates: 37°14′N 69°06′E / 37.233°N 69.100°E / 37.233; 69.100