Panjab, Afghanistan

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This article is about a town in Afghanistan. For other uses of the name, see Punjab.
Panjab is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°23′N 67°1′E / 34.383°N 67.017°E / 34.383; 67.017Coordinates: 34°23′N 67°1′E / 34.383°N 67.017°E / 34.383; 67.017
Country  Afghanistan
Province Bamyan Province
District Panjab District
Elevation 2,758 m (9,049 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Total 9,900
Time zone AST (UTC+4:30)

Panjab (Persian: پنجاب‎‎) (alternative names Punjāb, Panjāb, meaning 'five rivers') is the capital of Panjab District - a mountainous district in the central part of the Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. The town is situated at 34°23'N 67°1'E and has an altitude of 2,758 m altitude,[1] the population was 9,900 in the year 2004. There is an heliport with gravel surface.


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