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Template:Infobox Pankaj Choudhary I.P.S Officer Internal Deputation Delhi Commandant R.A.C (I.R.) in Delhi. Pankaj Choudhary (born 2 February 1975) is an IPS Officer Internal Deputation Delhi Commandant R.A.C (I.R.) in Delhi. Delhi Commandant R.A.C (I.R.) in Delhi (Delhi).

Early Life and Education[edit]

Pankaj Choudhary was born in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. As a child, he was very active and passionate about his studies and sports. He was an intelligent student from the very young age. He did his primary schooling from Saraswati Shishu Mandir (U.P.). He completed his upper education from Uday Pratap College, Varanasi (U.P.). After completing his education Pankaj Choudhary did his B. Tech from G.B.P.U. A & technology, Pant Nagar (U.K.)

Training and Seminars[edit]

  • Disaster management, in Ripa, Jaipur (may,2012)
  • Cyber Crime, RPA, Jaipur (march, 2014)
  • Drug Trafficking, Hipa, Haryana, (Aug. 2014)

Indian Police Service Career[edit]

As a brilliant and honest IPS Officer, Pankaj Choudhary has always taken risk to bring out the truth among nation. When he was posted as SP in Jaislmer, he opened the history of Taskar Gaji Fakeer due to which he had to face transfer. The entire Jaislmer was close and people were out of the house to protest against this conspiracy. Pankaj Kumar Choudhary is the name which makes criminals think twice before committing crimes and general people feel safe. Presently, posted as the commandant in RAC battalion Delhi, he posted on social media, where he gave clear hint that some senior bureaucrats were involved in September 2014 communal riots in Bundi. He is a fearless officer and he always supports truth, no matter what it will cost. .[1] .[2] .[3]

His Achievements[edit]

As a brilliant officer Pankaj has achieved eternal awards in sports like Badminton, Cricket, Squash, Lawn Tennis. He joined north zone inter university Cricket Tournament 1994, in Ayodhya (Faizabad). He is gifted with the dynamic personality and in each field, he shined like a star. In 1996 he was a Cricket Captain in Pantnagar University Uttarakhand and also played in district championship at the university level 1998(Pantnagar). He is a true winner in all aspects; he won a winner award in squash and Tennis championship 2010 and was former Captain in a Cricket Team in National Police Academy, Hyderabad. Pankaj is a true sportsman and have a vibrant representation skills, he represented Cricket Match, administration v/s M.L.A. / M.P. in S.M.S stadium, Jaipur (April, 2012). Also represented Administration open state level tennis championship, Kota (sep. 2013) and also represented all India police badminton championship, Dehra Dun (2014)

Hobbies and Interest[edit]

His hobbies are gardening, cooking and traveling. He loves these things and in free time always cooks something new and also loves to travel. He has traveled in whole India and other three countries.


In his life, family plays a very important role; they always support Pankaj to work hard. His father SS Choudhary is a Retired Govt Employee. His mother Pushpa Devi is a housewife. He has three sisters in his family and they all are married, Dr Poonam Raikwar, Pooja Walia and Payal Choudhary.


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