Panmure Island (Prince Edward Island)

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Panmure Island
Panmure Island is located in Prince Edward Island
Panmure Island
Panmure Island
Location in PEI
LocationNorthumberland Strait
Coordinates46°08′31″N 62°28′59″W / 46.14194°N 62.48306°W / 46.14194; -62.48306Coordinates: 46°08′31″N 62°28′59″W / 46.14194°N 62.48306°W / 46.14194; -62.48306
Area323.75 ha (800.0 acres)
ProvincePrince Edward Island
TownshipLot 61
Additional information
Time zone
  • Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST)
  • Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-3)

Panmure Island is a small 800-acre (324 ha) island of Canadian red sandstone island, with sand beaches, located off the east coast of Prince Edward Island in the Lot 61 township in Kings County.[1]

The island is located about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) from the nearest point on Prince Edward Island.

The first visitors to Panmure Island were the Micmac First Nations Indians. The Micmac came to the island in the summer months to dig clams, mussels and quahaugs. The first full-time inhabitants of the island were settlers from Scotland, the first of which is believed to have been Andrew MacDonald and his family in 1805. The Panmure Island Cemetery was established in 1813.

Panmure Island was connected to Prince Edward Island by sand bars at low tide, but since the 1960s, an artificial causeway has carried a road to the island. The causeway also created an extensive barrier beach and sand dune formation, which is now protected by Panmure Island Provincial Park; this park is not actually located on the island but along the causeway. The causeway has faced increased wave erosion in recent years and the provincial government has spent a significant amount to preserve the connection despite rising sea levels and increased storms.

The island contains the oldest wooden lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, near the northern end of the causeway. Built in 1853, the historic 18-metre-high (59 ft) lighthouse structure has gabled windows and four stories with a warning beacon atop. It sits on the northeast shore alerting ships of the dangerous shoals that have been responsible for several shipwrecks in the region. Tours of the lighthouse are available in the summer months.

A school was built on the island in 1897 for $150, and had a total of seven pupils the first year.

The island is home to the community of Panmure Island, which derives its name from the island.

Sunset from the north shore of Panmure Island
Haflinger horse at Panmure Head Lighthouse


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