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Auckland Transport Urban rail
Panmure station
Location Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Panmure, Auckland
Coordinates 36°53′52″S 174°50′59″E / 36.8977°S 174.8497°E / -36.8977; 174.8497
Owned by KiwiRail and Auckland Transport
Line(s) Eastern Line
Platforms Side platform
Tracks Mainline (2)
Platform levels 1
Parking Yes
Bicycle facilities No
Opened 16 November 1930
Electrified 25kV AC
Passengers (2011) 1628 passengers/weekday[1]
Preceding station   Transdev Auckland   Following station
toward Britomart
Eastern Line
toward Manukau

Panmure Railway Station is on the Eastern Line of the Auckland railway network in New Zealand. The original Panmure Station opened on 16 November 1930, on a site to the south of the current station. The station was relocated to its current site in 2007. Panmure Station received a major upgrade and became a significant bus-rail interchange, as part of the AMETI project, during the 2012–2014 period.


The Eastern Line was completed in September 1929, and was opened for traffic on 11 May 1930.[2] Panmure Station opened on 16 November 1930,[3] and was situated about 100m west of Ireland Road. A small station building was located in the middle of the station's island platform. At the time of opening, the area surrounding the station was predominantly rural. Access to the station was originally provided by two pedestrian bridges. A ramp from the northern end of the platform led to a bridge between Ireland Road and the western side of the station, from where a path provided access to the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. From the southern end of the platform, a bridge provided access from the platform to a path which led to the Mount Wellington Highway.

By the end of the 1950s the area surrounding the station had become substantially more developed. Ireland Place had become a residential street, and there was a mix of residential and light industrial development on Mount Wellington Highway. Several side-streets had been built between Mount Wellington Highway and the railway. Access from the northern bridge to Ireland Road had been removed, and ramps were added from the southern bridge to William Harvey Place (off Mount Wellington Highway) and Ireland Road.

By the turn of the century, Panmure had grown substantially. The condition of the station, however, had deteriorated. The original station building had been replaced by a much smaller one, the northern footbridge had been removed, and the platform itself had begun to deteriorate. In addition, patronage was low (recorded as 83 boardings per day in 2003) and the station was not located close to the town centre. It was therefore decided to close the original Panmure Station and open a new station between Ellerslie-Panmure Highway and Mountain Road. The new station would be more modern, be closer to the town centre, and provide better connections with bus services. The new Panmure Station opened in the first half of 2007. The station has two side platforms, located below road level. Access is from Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mountain Road, and the carpark. A park and ride facility is located adjacent to the eastbound platform. The station's relocation had a significant effect on patronage with recorded daily boardings climbing from 268 in 2006 to 446 in 2007.

In October 2011, work began on the AMETI project, with the replacement of the Mountain Road bridge, immediately north of the station.[4] AMETI is a $1.5-billion initiative designed to reduce congestion and improve public transport in Auckland's eastern suburbs.[5] In May 2012, a pedestrian plaza was built over part of the platforms. The new plaza provides access from the carpark and bus stop to both platforms via escalators and stairs.


Transdev Auckland, on behalf of Auckland Transport, operates Eastern Line suburban services between Britomart and Manukau via Panmure. The basic weekday off-peak timetable is:[6]

  • 3 tph to Britomart
  • 3 tph to Manukau


Previous timetabled stop AT Bus Services Next timetabled stop
Terminus 352
Manukau Station via Highbrook
towards Highbrook and East Tamaki
Botany Town Centre
towards Mission Heights
Mission Heights–Downtown
Ellerslie shops
towards Britomart
Botany Town Centre
towards Cockle Bay School
Cockle Bay–Downtown via Botany
Panama Road
towards Otahuhu
Mount Wellington–Downtown via Mount Wellington Highway
Harp of Erin
towards Britomart
Mount Wellington–Downtown via Carbine Road
Pakuranga Plaza
towards Cockle Bay School
Cockle Bay–Downtown via Howick
Ellerslie shops
towards Britomart
Pakuranga Plaza
towards Botany Rd
North Park–Downtown
Pakuranga Plaza
towards Bucklands Beach
Bucklands Beach–Downtown
Glen Innes
Glen Innes–Downtown via Marua Road
Harp of Erin
towards Britomart
Terminus 715/745
Panmure–Downtown via Orakei
Glen Innes
towards Britomart
Sylvia Park
towards Otahuhu
Otahuhu–Downtown via Orakei
Terminus 756
Panmure–Downtown via Mission Bay
Otahuhu–Downtown via Mission Bay

In late 2015, Auckland Transport started consulting on new bus routes for the central and eastern suburbs, as part of a region-wide bus network review. Most of the new bus routes are planned to terminate at Panmure, with passengers changing to a train or another bus service to access the city centre. From 2016, Panmure Station also added bus service numbers 352 (Manukau Station via Panmure part of the launching of South Auckland, Pukekohe and Waiuku) and 515 Panama Road (Mount Wellington–Downtown via Mount Wellington Highway).

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