Bonino-Pannella List

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Bonino-Pannella List
Leader Marco Pannella, Emma Bonino
Founded 2009
Dissolved 2012
Preceded by Bonino List
Succeeded by Amnesty Justice Freedom List
Ideology Radicalism,
Economic liberalism
Politics of Italy
Political parties

Bonino-Pannella List (Lista Bonino-Pannella) was a libertarian and progressive electoral list formed by the Italian Radicals.

Named after Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, the list was the continuation of Pannella List (1992–1999) and Bonino List (1999-2009) and its candidates were mainly members of the Italian Radicals. In the 2009 European Parliament election the list gained 2.4% and no seats in the election,[1] despite being particularly strong in urban areas, such as Milan (5.5%), Bologna (5.1%), Florence (5.0%), Padua (5.0%) and Turin (4.9%).[2]

Emma Bonino ran for President in Lazio but lost to Renata Polverini. The List gained 3.3% of the vote in Lazio and two regional councillors,[3] while doing poorly in the other regions where the Radicals where able to deliver their lists, including in Piedmont, where they gained a mere 0.7%.[4]

The Bonino-Pannella List was succeeded by the Amnesty Justice Freedom List in 2013.