Pannonian steppe

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The Pannonian steppe[1] is a variety of grassland ecosystems[2] found in the Pannonian Basin.


The Pannonian steppe is found in Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.[3] In Hungary it is known as Puszta.

Typical draw well in the Puszta in Hortobágy National Park

Pannonian steppe in Hungary - Puszta[edit]

See also: Puszta

The Puszta (Hungarian pronunciation: [pustɒ]) is a grassland biome and potential climax system in some parts of western and large parts of eastern Hungary.

Pannonian steppe in Slovakia[edit]

The Čenkovská steppe near Mužla is the only steppe National nature reserve in Slovakia. The protected area declared in 1951 covers a total of 83 hectares.[4][5]

Devínska Kobyla forest-steppe in Slovakia

Apart from the Čenkovská forest-steppe, other notable steppe and forest-steppe biomes in Slovakia located mostly around the Danubian and East Slovak plains and the southern ranges of the Pramatra system include Devínska Kobyla and the Slovak Karst (connects to Aggtelek in Hungary).[6][7][8]

Pannonian steppe in Austria[edit]

The Pannonian steppe in Austria is present in Burgenland mainly around Lake Neusiedl.[9]

Pannonian steppe in Seewinkel

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