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Coordinates: 60°11′15.2″N 24°56′28″E / 60.187556°N 24.94111°E / 60.187556; 24.94111

Panoraama tower at Linnanmäki.

Panoraama is a 53 metres tall gyro tower at the Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki. Panoraama was built in 1987 by Intamin and offers capacity for 400 visitors per hour. Its previous name was Panorama, but the name was changed to Panoraama (additional letter "a") when Linnanmäki changed the naming policy for its rides and started to use only words that are correct in the Finnish language.

Originally Linnanmäki was planning a real observation tower, like Näsinneula at the Särkänniemi park, but first there were problems with legal issues and later with funding. Eventually Linnanmäki chose to build a tower in the form of gyrotower ride.

Panoraama is one of the best places to view the City of Helsinki, as the tower is located very near the centre of the city. As of 2007, admission to the tower is free of charge.

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