Panorama of Hell

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Panorama of Hell
Panorama of Hell.jpg
Genre Horror
Written by Hideshi Hino
Published by Hobari Shobo
English publisher
Blast Books
Published 1984
Volumes 1
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Panorama of Hell (Japanese: 地獄変?, Hepburn: Jigokuhen) is a 1984 one shot Japanese horror manga by Hideshi Hino. It was published in the United States by Blast Books[1] and in France as Panorama de l'enfer by Éditions IMHO in 2004.[2]


An artist describes his work, consisting of hellish views he paints using his own blood. He then introduces the reader to his unconventional family, and tells stories about his abusive parents, who escaped from Manchuria after World War II, and his violent childhood. Eventually, his plan to paint a final masterpiece, a full-scale "Hell on Earth" unfolds.


It was nominated for Best Album at the 2005 Angoulême International Comics Festival.[3]


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