Pantages Theatre (Vancouver)

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Pantages Theatre
Pantages Theatre Vancouver circa1912.jpg
The Pantages Theatre circa 1912
General information
Type Theatre
Town or city 144-156 East Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Country Canada
Current tenants Worthington Properties
Completed 1907
Inaugurated 1908
Demolished 2011
Owner Alexander Pantages
Design and construction
Architect Edward Evans Blackmore
Other designers B. Marcus Priteca

The Pantages Theatre in Vancouver, BC's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, was built by Alexander Pantages in 1907 and was considered the oldest remaining vaudeville theatre in Canada.[1] It was listed on Heritage Canada's 2009 Top Ten Most Endangered Places List[2] and the Vancouver Heritage Register[3] as a heritage building. It had been vacant since 1994.[4] On 30 September 2008, Vancouver City Council refused the proposal to restore the 650-seat Pantages Theatre, and similarly refused the blackbox studio, art gallery, and 136 units of housing associated with the venture. Since that time, the entire half block had been put up for sale. It was the oldest surviving Pantages Theatre in Western Canada. After the City of Vancouver rejected the renewal proposal the roof of the building collapsed due to the weight of years of water collection.[5] Demolition began in April 2011.[4] There are currently no plans to redevelop the site.

A second Pantages Theatre was constructed in the same area at 20 West Hastings Street, beginning in 1914 but not finished until 1917-18 due to World War I. It was also known as the Beacon, the Odeon Hastings and finally as the Majestic. It was demolished in 1967 for a parking lot.[6][7]

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