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Pantathians are cold-blooded humanoid serpents from the novels of Raymond E. Feist. During the early ages of the universe, one of the Valheru race, Alma-Lodaka, created the Pantathians and the Saaur. After the fall of their mistress, both races deviated from each other, the Pantathians becoming a death cult dedicated to resurrecting their mistress.

Pantathians are quite short in stature, the average being shorter than an ordinary human of the Kingdom. They reproduce by laying eggs, which are warmed by hot springs. For a very long time, the Pantathians were thought to be a myth, told to frighten children into behaving. Even when their existence becomes known, they remain extremely well hidden in their lair inside a mountain.

The Pantathian race have a nature that most beings find entirely alien, and are known to be born knowing hatred. They were key players influencing the events of the Great Uprising and the Serpentwar in effort to reach the Lifestone artifact. It is believed that the Pantathian race is extinct, victims of both demons from the Fifth Circle, and a genocidal crusade by Calis' Crimson Eagles just prior to the Emerald Queen's invasion of the Kingdom. The last member of the Pantathian race is killed by the Emerald Queen's highest general, Fadawah.

In the novels, there are two other races similar to the Pantathians. The Panath-tiadn of Timirianya were thought to be Pantathians who were stranded in that world when their mistress were driven off by that world's pantheon of gods. The Saaur have a more pronounced difference, being of larger stature and warm-blooded.